WE WILL RE-OPEN THE PAGE AFTER 29TH Oct where the registered participants can upload their solution. 

Today, we are striving towards sustainable development to reduce the carbon footprint. We have started using clean energy to reduce dependency on fossil fuel. We are using Electric Vehicle, reduce the power consumption at home and office.

But do we know an average website produce 6.8 gms of CO2 per page view? This means that a website with 10,000 page-view produces 816 KG of CO2, which is similar to a flight flying from London to Tokyo.

We are inviting registration for a free Hackathon to make the websites energy efficient and reduce the carbon footprint.

Start Date: 29th October

End Date: 12th November

Top 5 participants will get a chance to interact with and mentored by an expert.

Please fill the form to register.