Essentials of Modern Marketing (EOMM) Book – India Edition.

Kotler Impact Inc. (KI) with a registered address at 1341 Beauty Bush CRT. Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5 V1K4 has signed an agreement with Blessed IT Solution Pvt. Ltd. with registered address: FO 015, Lake Vihar Apartment 2, TC Palya Main Road, Bangalore – 560036 Karnataka to design and publish Essentials of Modern Marketing (EOMM) Book – India Edition by Dr. Philip Kotler.

What does it mean for us? Because of this agreement, we are authorized to reach out to the organizations seeking their India-specific Case Studies/Success Stories that will be published in this book. The book is expected to be published by the end of 2023.

What’s in it for the organizations? By sharing their case studies/success stories in the book “Essentials of Modern Marketing” they will achieve great visibility and branding opportunities. This book is a mandatory textbook for all management schools across India. Through the management schools only the book is expected to reach about 50,000 students every year. Not only that, this book is considered a bible for all marketing professionals, which means your company name and success stories will reach practically all management professionals in the country.

Which organizations can participate? The following types of organizations can be part of this book.

  1. Large organizations can share their case studies/success stories in no more than 2000 words. We also need their CEO/CXO/CMO to give a 12 – 15 minutes video recording talking about their organization, business and the case study. This video will be part of the online global course material of Dr. Philip Kotler.
  2. MSMEs can submit their case studies/success stories within 1000 words.
  3. Start-up: Since in India the startup echo system is very strong, they can share their case study within 200 words.
  4. Even small organizations can choose to insert their company logo on the last few pages of the book.

If your organization wishes to be part of this book and get the advantages of getting great branding/visibility opportunities, please fill out this form to express your interest. We will contact you and set up a meeting to take this to the next level. Please note that this book can accommodate only 50 case studies/success stories.

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